Our Ethos

How we work

We believe that our clients deserve the best possible catering service. We achieve this by working closely with everyone to deliver an outstanding and transparent service at a fair price.

Flair – When business needs to be personal
1. Understanding

We do all we can to genuinely understand what our client wants. It’s only by listening and asking the right questions, that we are able to deliver a catering service that stands out.

2. Enjoyment

Our food creates an enjoyable experience that ensures we make each event and meal time a memorable moment.

3. Fairness

Above all, we want to offer our clients a fair service for a fair price. We take a transparent approach to quoting and always look to find ways of helping to make savings.

4. Sustainable

We work with like minded people that naturally connect with the values of our business – passionate, entrepreneurial, and responsible – to make a meaningful impact with the food we deliver.

5. Creativity

We aren’t just creative thinkers, we take a creative approach to any task in hand. We strike a balance between impressive service and resourcefulness.